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Lean Six Sigma! What is it?

The Lean and the Six Sigma are two management philosophies, and although they were implemented in an independent way during the 80's and 90's by companies and organizations that are market leaders, are now used simultaneously and synergistically.

The Lean focuses on the reduction of time between customer order and its delivery, eliminating all forms of waste identified in the organization's value chain.

The Six Sigma focuses on reducing variability of the features that are critical to customer and product quality, guaranteed to do well the first time.


IBERFAR, joining these two management philosophies, Lean and Six Sigma, guarantees the way to the northeast, that is, to perfection!


How does IBERFAR applies Lean Six Sigma?

IBERFAR applies Lean Six Sigma based on the strategy defined by the company, using different methods, depending on if the process involves causes of common or special variability.


  1. When causes of common variability are involved, IBERFAR applies KAIZEN methods to eliminate at the same time, waste and common sources of variability. The most used KAIZEN are the KAIZEN of process, the SMED and GEMBA Kaizen (6S).         
  2.  When causes of special variability are involved, IBERFAR implements the Statistical Control Process System, along with Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA). When the causes of special variability have been removed, the system is stable and the process capacity is less than the desirable capacity, IBERFAR implements KAIZENS to eliminate the waste and the causes of common variability and thus increase process capability and better serve their customers.    



Since when does IBERFAR applies Lean Six Sigma?

IBERFAR started his path to operational excellence in 2007. Since then it has not stopped on its way to perfection.


The implemented projects are numerous, including projects related to the improvement of the support processes (administrative), the improvement of operational processes (manufacturing, packaging, quality control) and the improvement of logistical processes.


In addition to the projects done internally, IBERFAR also led operational and logistics Lean Six Sigma projects at national level and with the participation of business partners and competitors of national capital, always with the support of the National Medicines and Health Products Authority (INFARMED)


What do our clients win with Lean Six Sigma?

All improvement efforts by IBERFAR have as a starting point gains for CUSTOMERS and for IBERFAR.


Since 2007, our Lean Six Sigma projects focus on critical factors for our customers, such as:


  • Reducing the delivery time, enabling our customers to buy raw materials and the active ingredients later, and purchase the finished product only when they need it, significantly reducing their inventory costs;
  • Reduction of production costs, which is reflected in the purchase costs of our customers;
  • Reduction of waste materials across IBERFAR's value chain, allowing to produce greater amounts of product with lesser amounts of raw materials;  
  • Reducing batch sizes, ensuring we produce only the quantities that our customers need and thus avoiding the finished product stoped in storage.