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IBERFAR is totally committed in providing the best possible service and a high degree of reliability to our customers. A Customer Service is available as part of the Logistics Department.

The Customer Service promotes the relationship between IBERFAR and the Customer, in order to increase their satisfaction and to consolidate the business relationship between both companies.

Through Logistics, Customer Service is responsible for Customer’s orders from its reception to its delivery and for taking care and convened Customer’s needs. It is the Voice of the Customer within the organization.

Through Logistics, duly supported by Quality Area, IBERFAR encourages the establishment of long and well succeeded partnerships with suppliers to ensure compliance with the criteria under evaluation, quality of product or service, deadline compliance and quantity requested and, at the same time, eliminating unnecessary inventory.

Investment in strong partnerships with suppliers also involves the win-win concept, IBERFAR wins because the product or service is made available on the requested date and the supplier wins because it ensures their sales stability, allowing the practice of more competitive conditions.