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Who we are

IBERFAR is part of a Portuguese group operating in pharmaceutical area, which activities cover all the fields in  this industry:

   Manufacturing and packaging of pharmaceutical products
   Marketing, distribution and regulatory affairs
   Logistics and warehousing

IBERFAR core business is manufacturing solid and liquid dosage forms for third parties, having as distinctive competencies quality, delivery dates and a very flexible adjustment to the needs of its costumers.

IBERFAR owns a majority part of FERRAZ LYNCE (marketing, regulatory affairs, distribution) and LOGIFARMA (logistics). 





Always produce better, faster and at the lowest cost





"Last April we embarked on a journey of deep reflection on who we are, but especially on what we have to be in order to return to the path of  growth, starting with the admission of new employees and the development of new activities oriented towards the export business and our presence in foreign markets.

It's an ongoing task that will be developed within the next five years in a very intense manner. We will innovate essentially by introducing products in the Portuguese and other foreign markets that will serve a population of consumers with health care needs very different from the ones felt in the last 25 years.
Such a task requires the spotting of new opportunities created by a changing world, and the study of therapeutic solutions from conception, registration and manufacturing to product placement on the market.

Without ever jeopardizing the ethical principles which guide these companies since 1924, we intend to shift the focus of our business, currently centered on the Portuguese market to another, which is increasingly opened to growth opportunities that exist in other countries"


Pedro Ferraz da Costa