Reserved Area

Quality Control

The Department of Quality Control of IBERFAR divided into two distinct areas, laboratory of physico-chemical analysis and microbiological testing laboratory, is responsible for sampling and analysis of all raw materials, packaging materials and semi-finished product, as well as the control in the manufacturing process and finished product, ensuring the quality of all our products.

Having as focus continuous improvement, commitment to a proper training and updating of its employees, as well as the acquisition of suitable equipment, allowing greater reliability in the results of tests carried out.

Raw materials, Semi-finished products, In-process control, Finished products

For the analysis of raw materials, semi-finished products, manufacturing process control and finished products, the laboratory has, apart from other, the following equipment:

- Spectrophotometer UV-VIS / IV (FTIR)
- HPLC/UHPLC  with the following detectors : UV, PDA and  IR 
- Dissolutores
- TOC Sievers (monitoring purified water  24/24H)



Packing Materials

In addition to the equipment and conditions necessary for the routine analysis of packaging materials, IBERFAR counts on a sophisticated and cutting-edge software that working with the Image Compare, allows a 100% effective validation of text material. It also has the ability to graphic development, allowing the elaboration of creative layouts of packaging materials, and others to meet the needs of our customers (communication materials, merchandising,. ...) "


 Other services

• Analytical Method Validation
• Validation of the manufacturing process
• Cleaning Validation
• Dissolution Profiles Study 



 Microbiology Tests

The microbiology laboratory has, other than those necessary to perform the routine microbiological testing of raw materials, including purified water, packaging materials and finished products, the ability to perform:


- Validation of microbiological methods
- Antimicrobial effectiveness testing
- Bioburden
- Environmental Control (including monitoring of compressed air)


Stability Studies

IBERFAR has climatic chambers enable the achievement of stability studies in accordance with the requirements established by the ICH Guidelines.